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Niche Parent Network – It’s Our Birthday!

  This week marks our second birthday and I am beaming with happiness! It’s been a fantastic two years. We built this community from the ground up. We being you, you, and all of YOU that have joined us to make this community the great one that it is. Now we’re over 800 registered members […]

#NicheParent Community Joins the #NaturalDay Movement!

Sanah Jivani, 16, was diagnosed with a hair loss condition called Alopecia at the age of three. In middle school, the condition became worse. Soon the bullying began. She turned to wigs as a way to feel beautiful. Soon she realized wearing a wig wouldn’t make her any more beautiful than she already was. Her true […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide Resource!

Our Niche Parent Community members have been really busy these last few weeks testing, researching, and crowd sourcing ideas in preparation for  the best gift ideas for children, parents, techies, and more. We’ve collected guides  from our network to help those of us (myself included!) wanting to gift the best in toys, technology, electronics, beauty […]

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Six Tips for Getting Content Ideas for Your Blog

As a  blogger you sometimes struggle with being at a loss of words or ideas for blog posts. It’s not unusual, especially if you’ve been blogging for years and you write for many sources. Some weeks I have so many blog posts ideas, not enough days to write them. In those few instances, I draft […]

Taxes for Bloggers & Freelancers: What You Need to Know

Do bloggers have to pay taxes on the value of blogging trips? Is the SWAG you received at that blogging event or conference taxable? Taxes can be so confusing! This tax season will be more complicated than prior seasons due to recent tax legislation. The Niche Parent Network & Conference has invited a special tax expert to answer some of […]

Six Effective LinkedIn Strategies for Bloggers in 2014

This is the time of year when bloggers are laying out their strategy for getting new paid opportunities and growing their professional network.  What part of that strategy should include LinkedIn?  If you’re a blogger looking to get in front of, or  form new relationships with brand or agency reps in decision making positions then LinkedIn should […]

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